Children with cancer are smiling today at a Flashes of Hope shoots. Our dedicated volunteer chapter directors coordinate photo shoots within the nation's top hospitals and at special events for children with cancer. Whether photographing one child isolated in a bone marrow unit or a hundred kids having fun at summer camp, it's an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Silvina Paladini

I was born and raised in Argentina by wonderful parents, with 3 amazing siblings. I kept great and unforgettable memories from my childhood. At the age of 23, after I finished my career (business management), I decided to come visit my brother here in the USA, where I met my husband Juan Carlos 20yrs ago; we have a special and beautiful life together; with 3 wonderful children Camila, Franco and Victoria (college, high and middle school). I love and enjoy cooking, I spend a lot of time with my kids and their friends, and they make my day, every day. I've worked non-stop, until last year, when my health made me stop. I'm now enjoying so many little things that I was not able to before. I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason, though you may not always understand why, I believe the most valuable lesson behind it, is to make you stronger. Today I'm simply becoming an architect of my future.

I love this phrase; I feel identified
A Strong Woman is one who feels deeply, and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter,
A Strong Woman is soft and powerful, practical and spiritual,
A Strong Woman in her essence is a gift to the world

Jill MacLean

Jill MacLean

...coming soon

Hands on head

The children often request to be photographed with special friends – in this case a stuffed bunny. Children are also photographed with parents, siblings, hospital staff and even fellow patients. This sweet image was captured at All Children's Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

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