Children with cancer are smiling today at a Flashes of Hope shoots. Our dedicated volunteer chapter directors coordinate photo shoots within the nation's top hospitals and at special events for children with cancer. Whether photographing one child isolated in a bone marrow unit or a hundred kids having fun at summer camp, it's an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Sarah Blakely

Sarah Blakely

Sarah attended the first Flashes of Hope photo shoot in 2001 and became a founding board member. In addition to volunteering for Flashes of Hope, she has held a variety of volunteer leadership positions in her community. Prior to staying home to raise her four children, Sarah was the National Sales Representative for a Cleveland based manufacturing company. She has a BS in Education from Bowling Green State University.

Hands on head

The children often request to be photographed with special friends – in this case a stuffed bunny. Children are also photographed with parents, siblings, hospital staff and even fellow patients. This sweet image was captured at All Children's Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

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