Children with cancer are smiling today at a Flashes of Hope shoots. Our dedicated volunteer chapter directors coordinate photo shoots within the nation's top hospitals and at special events for children with cancer. Whether photographing one child isolated in a bone marrow unit or a hundred kids having fun at summer camp, it's an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Erin Matthews

Erin Matthews

I am a photographer from Greenville, South Carolina, and am so thrilled to be a part of Flashes of Hope! Having first heard about them at least 15 years ago, I've always had a desire to give back and join this incredible organization. Being able to give families something to cherish, something to remind them of strength and courage, is a huge blessing.

My best friend and I lifted Erin Brooke Photography off of the ground in 2009 during our freshman year in college. We quickly found a niche photographing weddings and families and loved it. My continual desire to do something more with my talents had me reaching out to partner with Flashes of Hope. Becoming a co-director for the Atlanta chapter is the perfect step that I've been searching for in this journey and I'm so excited to hopefully be a beacon of joy for these kids and families. The smiles say it all! That's what all of it is about!

Tammie Peterson

Tammie Peterson

Hello, my name is Tammie Peterson and I currently work for United Healthcare and I am excited about this volunteer journey with Flashes of Hope, as the New Chapter Director for Altanta. I have been photographing for 10 years as a Photographer, capturing many different events, people and things. My photography is based on my passion and the belief that my client's' needs are of the utmost importance when it comes to capturing moments in their lives. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals. My photography website and business is called "Capturing the Moments" because, I love sharing time with people who have a love for art, nature, family and entertainment and all those things are wrapped up in important moments.

The excitement of the capture and the creation of a memorable moment in time is the thrill and the blessing that photography brings. Within those moments are opportunities for thought, remembrances of places, smells, feelings and more. Relying on the sight of my eyes through a small lens, finding that special moment that is captured for a lifetime, has always been my passion. As a photographer, I seek those things, places or people that tell a story. With experience, I enjoy seeing the vast amount of possibilities in the world of photography." Capturing images and memories is a passion for me, not a job! My philosophy and thought: Cameras don't take pictures, Photographers do!. Cameras are just another artist's tool. The single most important component of a camera is the "person" behind it. There is so much power in photography. As the old adage goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine if you did more than just create a photograph? I always imagine teaching a generation of people how to tell a story with a camera. Well, I love creating that story from behind my lens. Volunteering for Flashes of Hope, is contributing to a cause I passionately care about, particularly because I have been yearning to be a Mother and have children of my own and capture their wonderful smiles and personality. God has not yet blessed me on that journey as of yet. The experience of volunteering I believe makes me a better Photographer, and has a big impact on my life. When I'm not working, I love traveling and cooking a variety of recipes I come across.

When it comes to actually interacting with my subject or talent, I am all "heart". I make my subjects feel relaxed and comfortable on set, I give them lots of encouraging compliments, and tell them how excited I am to work with them. If it's a model or actress, then I'll compliment them on their work, let them know that I'm familiar with them, and thank them for coming. A lot of people mostly women, walk onto my set and they're anxious or intimidated, so I start by telling them exactly what I have in mind for the shoot that day. I want them to know me like a friend. My number one goal is to convey to the people that I'm photographing that I sincerely care about them. I want to photograph you so that you look like no one has ever seen you before. That sentiment comes from me and my heart. I always try to make a personal connection with everyone that I work with regarding capturing their moments. Volunteering with Flashes of Hope is an exciting role as I grow in the Humanitarian spirit of giving time for a worthy cause that will create a lifetime of smiles.

Hands on head

The children often request to be photographed with special friends – in this case a stuffed bunny. Children are also photographed with parents, siblings, hospital staff and even fellow patients. This sweet image was captured at All Children's Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

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