Children with cancer are smiling today at a Flashes of Hope shoots. Our dedicated volunteer chapter directors coordinate photo shoots within the nation's top hospitals and at special events for children with cancer. Whether photographing one child isolated in a bone marrow unit or a hundred kids having fun at summer camp, it's an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Rhiannon Mack

Rhiannon Mack

Rhiannon Mack is the owner of Reflections by Rhiannon Portrait Boutique, a family and pet photography business located in Charlotte, North Carolina. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in photography from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. With eleven years of professional photography experience, her work is grounded in her passion for creative expression and her love of children and animals. The art of composing images that capture the uniqueness of each subject is the gift she shares.

Rhiannon has volunteered as a photographer for Flashes of Hope since 2009. Initially, it was a perfect melding of her love of children and photography and her desire to give back to the community. It grew to be much more, as she experienced how humbling and heartwarming it is to give her time and talent to children and families being challenged in such extreme ways. Capturing a moment in time that provides a family with joy today and a treasure forever is such a privilege. Giving with no expectation to receive, while being surrounded by individuals with such strength and courage, is a feeling beyond words. Little did Rhiannon realize that she would face the same type of challenge, as her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Having been on the "other side" with her "sarcoma warrior," she deeply feels the need to pay it forward to others suffering with critical illness. Rhiannon is excited to assume more responsibility and serve the Charlotte Flashes of Hope chapter as co-director.

Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson

I am a natural light photographer specializing in families and children. I have been a photographer for nine years and I am a true believer in the power of a photograph. I have two children, ages eight and five, and I can't put into words the feeling I get when I have captured my children at a specific time in their lives through a photograph. It's true joy. I am so lucky that I get to try and bring that same feeling to the families that I work with in my business.

HAILEY & ALYSSA | Photographed by Mat McCabe

HAILEY & ALYSSA | Photograph by Mat McCabe

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