DAVON  |   Photographed by Lindsey Platek


founded September 2012
kids photographed to date 1,500



Recent Support

Matthew Poage
Amherst, MA

Farmington, Connecticut

Mimi Merton
Essex, CT

Chapter Photographers

Caryn B. Davis
Geoffrey Bolte
Wendy Carlson
Douglas Healey
Tom Hopkins
Kelly Jensen
Jennifer Lani Jawor
David Lubarsky
Jeff Moore
Hunter Neal
Chris Rakoczy
Bill Smith
Nicole Taylor
Jesahna Wham
Jeffrey Yardis
Sandy Birner
Lindsey Calpa
Brian DeMello
Ron Hiner
Kelly Jensen
Ric Kallaher
Karen Leaf
Mike Marques
Lanny Nagler
Lindsey Platek
Nonni Sansoucy
Maggie Susse
Linda Torzsa
Peter Wnek

Volunteer Stylists

Kayla Rubacha
Liane Gentile
Annie Salgado

Chapter Director(s)

Dr. Kerry Moss
[ bio ]
Dr. Kerry Moss
Sarah Matney
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Shoot Locations

Connecticut Children's Medical Center

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