A trip to the hospital was never this glamorous - Tampa Bay WTSP News Channel 10

December 04, 2007  |  Posted by David Leonard

Primping, pampering and painting on lipstick...

Katie Saylor and her mother Tracie don't usually get a make over while waiting for lab results. Katie was diagnosed with cancer in October and has spent the last week at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. Today, photographers and stylists from "Flashes of Hope" gave the Saylor's and other families, a break from their emotional routine.

The organization has brought lights, cameras, professional photographers, and stylists to All Children's once a month since April.

"We take this very seriously because we know that these photos will hold a very special place in the families lives" say's Joseph Gamble who directs the Tampa Bay Chapter.

"Flashes of Hope" was started at a hospital in Cleveland in 2001 and has now spread to twenty cities across the country.

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