"Portraits of Courage" - St. Petersburg Times

December 15, 2007  |  Posted by Lara Cerri

Families gathered for professional portraits through Flashes of Hope, a nonprofit program for patients with life-threatening illnesses, at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg this month Area photographers volunteered their time. Aveda makeup artists and hairstylists helped the subjects get ready. Families received the photos for free. Above, photographer Bruce Evensen adjusts the light for Katie Saylor, 15, who was diagnosed in October with a rare tumor in her nose and had been receiving chemotherapy at All Children's. She and her mother, Tracey, had their portraits taken. At right,Laura Eicher, a director of St. Petersburg Aveda, helps Sheila Smith and her 2-year-old son, Robert Harris, get comfortable. Robert was being treated for a liver disease at All Children's. Flashes of Hope is in more than 20 metropolitan areas around the country.

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