Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School students surpass fundraising goal

June 20, 2011  |  Posted by Ingrid Schaefer Sprague

raised more than their goal of $25,000 for Kick-It, an organization that raises funds for pediatric cancer research through kickball games.

The students surpassed last year’s amount of $23,500, a record then among schools, by playing 14 kickball games on the last day of school.

Middle School physical education teacher Maria Ganim Schneider said the students had raised $24,300 by the time of the assembly to celebrate their fundraising accomplishment. Unbeknownst to Schneider, the teachers gathered another $800 while she was speaking to raise the total to $25,100. To celebrate surpassing their goal, BBHMS teacher Jennifer Lloyd had her head shaved.

Schneider organized the Kick-It games, an idea started by pediatric cancer patient Quinn Clarke, 10, of Chagrin Falls. Allison Glovna Clarke, a Brecksville-Broadview Height High School graduate, and Quinn founded Kick-It and Flashes of Hope, a nonprofit organization that provides portrait photography of pediatric cancer patients.

Quinn and his mom attended the BBHMS assembly to celebrate the fundraising accomplishment. “They were beyond flabbergasted that we reached our goal again,” said Schneider. “They were so thankful.”

Middle school teachers purchased and raffled an iPod as well as a Visa gift card, with proceeds going to Kick-It. The students raised money through their independent efforts, including a lemonade stand, bake sale, car wash and duct tape notebook covers. Schneider said the car wash brought in $688 and the lemonade stand brought in $300.

Kick-It kid Joe Kesserich, of Broadview Heights, attends Chippewa Elementary School and they held a hat day that raised $204. Additionally, Central School fifth-grade teacher Elaine Paskert helped organize a snack sale and donation buckets at the school art sale to bring in $284.

“It was just amazing, how word is getting out about Kick-It, and how the community is pulling together for this cause,” said Schneider.

Clearly touched by the showing of support, Schneider recollected one the most memorable donations made this year when a student handed her an envelope from eight-grade teacher Steve McCrodden. The donation was accompanied by a note that read, “I give now because I can, so that others might do when I cannot.”

For the benefit of Kick-It, Schneider credits both students and teachers. “Overall, I’m overwhelmed with the passion and of our staff and students of coming together for one month at end of the school year when things are so crazy and when everybody is trying to get things done,” she said. “They have this one goal for Kick-It on the last day of school.”

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