Students Work Together to Raise Money for Cancer Research

June 06, 2012  |  Posted by Rachel Abbey McCafferty

They’ve held car washes and cut their hair. They’ve paid for sweatpants days and sold T-shirts.

And it’s all going to cancer research.

The students at have been hard at work raising money for Kick-It. According to its website, Kick-It is a national organization that donates to pediatric, adolescent and young adult cancer research.

The middle school started taking part three years ago, collecting thousands of dollars each spring. This year, the students are hoping to collect $25,000.

“We should stop this and raise as much money as we can,” said 8th-grade student Sarah O’Donnell.

The money goes toward a good cause, said 8th-grade student Morgan Menter: helping find a cure for people “who still have so much life in front of them.”

Many students have been touched by cancer

A number of students who have been active in this year’s fundraiser talked to Brecksville Patch last week. They’ve all been touched by cancer in some way—some have lost family members and others have seen classmates fight the disease.

In fact, the middle school students have been participating this year with five fellow Bees in mind, including middle school student Brent Ramer. Ramer’s brother, 8th-grade student Alex Ramer, cut off his kind of long hair during the program. Ramer’s sister has also fought cancer. The program helps raise awareness, Ramer said. He said he thinks seeing younger students go through treatment for cancer makes it more real for the school.

“Yeah, it really makes a difference,” he said.

Menter and O’Donnell said students really seem to be doing their part this year, going above and beyond the activities at school.

Car wash raised more than $1,500

Austin Samhric and Jenny Lee, 6th grade students, helped organize a busy car wash at where they raised more than $1,500. At times, Samhric said, there were seven cars lined up to be washed. Lauren Venesile, 6th grade student, donated her birthday money and money she raised babysitting and doing yard work.

This year’s fundraiser began at the beginning of May, and Thursday is the last day. Students will end the campaign with a kickball tournament.

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