‘Flashes of Hope' highlights Johns Hopkins Children's Center

November 09, 2012

Flashes of Hope is changing the way young people focus on their hospital experience. "After an X-ray machine these lights are nothing," said photographer John Dean. He volunteers to make hallmark moments for kids at Johns Hopkins Children's Center through the Flashes of Hope organization. "Our mission is to photograph every child with cancer until cancer is gone," said Baltimore Chapter President Leslie Landsman. Baltimore was the eighth city to join the national program. The local chapter photographs kids fighting cancer at: Sinai Hospital University of Maryland Medical Center Johns Hopkins Children's Center "These are pictures that mean so much to kids going through so much," said Dean. An average of 5,000 kids participate in Flashes of Hope across more than 50 U.S. cities to help bring a smile to not only the patient, but their families as well. More than 660 patients have been photographed by the Baltimore Chapter according to the Flashes of Hope website.

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