Flashes of Hope children's hospital photo shoots show kids, not their cancer battle

May 02, 2013  |  Posted by Ericka Flye

INDIANAPOLIS - A camera lens brings out big smiles on the faces of children battling cancer, giving young patients a much-needed respite from being sick.

The Indianapolis chapter of Flashes of Hope visits local children's hospitals and sets up photo shoots for children and their parents, all for free.

"We want to see the children, not the cancer, and we think the black and white brings out the beauty and dignity of these children," said Mark Watson, the organization's director.

At Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent on Thursday, young patients there got a high dose of happiness as they primped and posed for the camera.

"She loves getting her pictures taken, as you can tell, she loves to pose," said Brandi Collins, whose daughter had pictures taken.

For Cassandra Ashpaugh, whose daughter had her picture taken, the fun photo shoot and free family photographs are priceless.

"You have so many financial responsibilities when this happens, you have gas, getting back and forth from the hospital, you have all the bills and everything to pay," Ashpaugh said. "I don't think I would have ever had time to have photographs professionally done ever at any point, so it's absolutely wonderful."

Flashes of Hope holds shoots each month at local children's hospitals.

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