Levine Children's Day Spa - Offering Flashes of Hope

February 03, 2015  |  Posted by Barbara Lash

They may be battling debilitating illness... but at least for part of the day, the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte is taking their minds off of the battle. Instead, the hospital has teamed up once again with the non-profit Flashes of Hope to offer family photos to child patients and their families.

"It gives our families something. First of all, it's a diversion while they're in the hospital. But it (also) gives them lasting memories," said Levine's Event Coordinator Carrie Keuten.

And it's completely free for the families. Carolina Portrait Designs owner and photographer Garrett Price donated his time and talents. So did stylists from Salon Naman, helping the patients and their families get photo ready. You see, this special day also included a spa experience, complete with hair styling and makeup application.

Barbara Lash caught up with Jenika Seymour and her mother Charrie, who were getting pampered before smiling for the camera. Jenika is an 11-year old Levine Children's Hospital patient who's body just recently started rejecting the heart she received a few years ago. Both ladies said this was an awesome treat and break from the hospital room.

Charrie Dustin commented, "What little girl doesn't want to get pampered... or mom for that matter (laughs)."

Her daughter Jenika added, "I think that's cool and I really like it. And I thought it would be really fun."

Jenika's fun continued during the photo shoot... as photographer Price kept her smiling... and 'workin' the runway.'

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