Tribe doing its part to find cancer cure

June 15, 2009  |  Posted by Anthony Castrovince

Cancer had invaded young Quinn Clarke's body once when he was 2 years old, and he successfully fought it off. When it returned in a more aggressive and rare form last summer, the 9-year-old Quinn was fed up. "Mom, we need to have a cure for cancer," Quinn told his mother,...

Cleveland Indians join with Quinn Clarke's cause to fight cancer

June 15, 2009  |  Posted by Dale Meggas, Sun News

CLEVELAND Quinn Clarke knows he is in an uphill battle with cancer. The 9-year-old from Chagrin Falls is just one of 100 in the world with his particular cancer -- the connective tissue-related rhabdomyosarcoma -- but that has not stopped him from the good fight. "Quinn was diagnosed as a 2-year-old and...

Flashes of Hope brings joy to Pediatric Cancer Patients at Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA - Los Angeles Times reports

May 27, 2009  |  Posted by Anne Cusack

Flashes of Hope, a nonprofit organization, visited the pediatric unit at Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA. Professional makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers donated their time to prepare and photograph sick children by themselves and with family members. "One of the main things kids with cancer need is hope, and...,0,7488839.photogallery

Young Hospital Patients get day of Beauty - CBS-Channel 2 Los Angeles

May 27, 2009  |  Posted by Lisa Sigell

Flashes of Hope gives kids a makeover, day of beauty and a wonderful photo portrait to remember their special day.

Family Portraits Celebrate Comer Patients - Flashes of Hope Featured in Chicago Parent Magazine

March 20, 2009  |  Posted by Liz DeCarlo

When 12-year-old Gracey Melon of Oak Park heads to the hospital, it usually means being pumped with chemo meds and feeling lousy. Her parents, Pam Grace and Bill Melon, take turns staying with her and trying to keep her spirits up.But recently, Gracey and her parents spent a day at...

Flashes of Hope Featured on WCVB-TV Channel 5 Boston - Chronicle

March 01, 2009  |  Posted by Anthony Everett and Shayna Seymour

Anthony Everett and Shayna Seymour report on WCVB-TV Channel 5 about Flashes of Hope's Chapter at the NEMC-Floating Hospital in Boston.

Flashes of Hope for Kids with Cancer - featured on NBC17 Raleigh, NC

February 20, 2009  |  Posted by Shirley Min

Dozens of kids in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer every day and one organization is trying to reach every single one of them.Flashes of Hope is a non-profit that captures uplifting portraits of kids fighting cancer."They're just amazing. They take the punches and keep on rolling," said Kim Conard,...

Portraits capture courage of kids in medical crisis - New Jersey Star Ledger

February 01, 2009  |  Posted by Mark DiIonno

To read this wonderful article by Mark Dilonno and see gallery of images, please click on the related link above.

Flashes of Hope helps ill kids focus on good things - Houston Chronicle

January 12, 2009  |  Posted by Carolyn Feibel

Flashes of Hope helps ill kids focus on good things - Young patients treated to photo shoots that embrace physical changesBy: Carolyn FeibelThe children arrived for their portraits in wheelchairs or pulling IV poles. Some huddled in hospital gowns. Most had recently lost their hair to chemotherapy.No matter. A little...

Quinn Clarke honored as Community Hero

December 27, 2008  |  Posted by Joe Guillen, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

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