Flashes of Hope shines in People Magazine

December 22, 2008  |  Posted by Bob Meadows

Smile! Having a portrait taken gives joy - and a priceless souvenir - to sick kids fighting for their livesBy Bob MeadowsThe toy toucan doesn't do the trick, nor the wagon and the two lollipops. The Cheetos work, though, and Christopher Cummings' tears fade as the photographer starts snapping...,,20252073,00.html

Fox 5 Atlanta Health Watch Reports on Flashes of Hope

December 04, 2008  |  Posted by Beth Galvin

ATLANTA (MyFOX Atlanta) -- A lot of families are rushing to take their holiday photos. But for one group of Georgia children, sitting in front of the camera has deeper meaning. This week they took a break from treatment at the AFLAC Cancer Center for a special photo shoot sponsored...

Families Shine in Flashes of Hope - Milwaukee WISN-TV 12

September 28, 2008  |  Posted by Joyce Garabaciak

See video link of Reporter Joyce Garabaciak's Feature on WISN-TV 12 News - Milwaukee

"Flashes of Hope" - Parade Magazine

September 23, 2008  |  Posted by Caitlin O'Toole


Every year, 12,000 children in the US are diagnosed with cancer. In 2001, Allison Clarke's 18-month-old son, Quinn, was one of them. His struggle - and ultimate survival - prompted Clarke to start Flashes of Hope, a nonprofit organization that creates free, professional portraits of children with cancer or other...

Portraits of Courage - Wisconsin State Journal

August 31, 2008  |  Posted by Sandra Kallio

Portraits Of CourageThe Flashes Of Hope Program Links Volunteer Photographers With Families Dealing With An IllnessWisconsin State Journal :: LIFESTYLE :: G1Sunday, August 31, 2008Sandra Kallio'Big smile, Riley. Excellent!'Greg Anderson coaxed smiles out of Riley Adkins, 7, about the most activity she seemed able to manage during a Flashes of...

Young cancer patients and their families get their spirits lifted - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

July 18, 2008  |  Posted by Steve Mellon

July 18, 2008 -- Video Coverage of Photo Shoot at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital -- "Young cancer patients and their families get their spirits uplifted and a professional portrait in the "Flashes of Hope" photography program at Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital"

Photo sessions are morale boosters for sick children, their families - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

July 18, 2008  |  Posted by Diana Nelson Jones

Two-year-old Connor Vickers sat on the stool like a life-size doll, his legs dangling, his head cocked in a grin that melted onlookers in the hallway. On his head, a little hat, a cross between a do-rag and a toboggan cap, read "Cancer fears ME."He sits every week for a...

Nonprofit allows ill kids, their familes focus on memories - Pittsburgh Tribune Review

July 18, 2008  |  Posted by Allison Heinrichs

Thursday morning, Jason and Sherry Moore brought their toddler to Children's Hospital's oncology unit. They know their way around the department -- sometimes they have to bring in 2-year-old Gavin four times a week for chemotherapy to treat the leukemia he was diagnosed with in February. But yesterday, they were...

Flashes of Hope - "Pictures of Inspiration" on Fox 59 Indianapolis Morning News

July 16, 2008  |  Posted by Angela Ganote

Video Clip of Fox 59 Morning News Program -- Anchor Angela Ganote interviews Indianapolis Chapter Director Keith Cooley on July 16, 2008.

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