The 1st photo shoot in Charlotte featured on WBTV

March 20, 2008  |  Posted by WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham

For children who are struggling with cancer, everyday life can be hard.In the middle of those struggles, there are flashes of hope.For one day, eight deserving kids in the Charlotte area had a chance to forget about blood transfusions and chemo treatments. Instead, they were pampered like superstars by Photographer...

Pediatric Patients Pose for Camera

March 19, 2008  |  Posted by Megan Rounds, PR/Marketing, Presbyterian Healthcar

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Photos are natural keepsakes that remind us of special times in our lives. Though happy times are commonly documented, rarely does it occur to us to create photo memories of times of sickness and sadness. A nonprofit group called Flashes of Hope is working to...

Akron Children's Hospital announces a partnership with Flashes of Hope, benefiting Children with Cancer and other Life Threatening Illnesses

March 05, 2008  |  Posted by janelle dougherty

Akron Children's Hospital is proud to partner with Flashes of Hope to bring a lasting gift to their pediatric patients and families. Flashes of Hope is a national non-profit organization based in Cleveland, OH that utilizes volunteer, award-winning photographers and stylists to set up photo shoots in pediatric hospitals across...

Flashes of Hope Founder featured in Cleveland Magazine

March 01, 2008  |  Posted by Cleveland Magazine

Allison ClarkeFounder of Flashes of HopeAge - 37Why she's interesting • When her son was diagnosed with cancer at 20 months, she and her husband made the hospital their second home. But it wasn’t until one of her son’s new little friends died that she realized what she’d do the...

Norfolk Chapter featured on WAVY TV-10

February 27, 2008  |  Posted by Tom Schadd

Non-profit agency brings smiles to those who need them most Flashes of Hope is a non-profit group that specializes in recording history for families - at a time when their need is greatest. "I found that while the camera does not express the soul, perhaps a photograph can."At a family's...

Flashes of Hope Captures Rough Chapter in Kids' Lives. Flashes Photographers- Akron Beacon Journal

February 16, 2008  |  Posted by Cheryl Powell

Courtney Powers now knows that bald is beautiful -- and she's not afraid to show it. Just three months ago, the 18-year-old Ashland County native was in Nashville studying to become a hair stylist.Now she's spending many of her days at Akron Children's Hospital, where she's receiving aggressive treatments for...

Many Driven to nonprofit work by personal experience

December 24, 2007  |  Posted by Chrissy Kadleck, Crain's Cleveland Business

Smiles and laughter are easier to come by in some pediatric hospitals thanks to a wishful spark from Allison Clarke, whose young son Quinn was treated for cancer at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. "One of his little buddies at the hospital died," said Ms. Clarke, whose son finished treatment...

"Portraits of Courage" - St. Petersburg Times

December 15, 2007  |  Posted by Lara Cerri

Families gathered for professional portraits through Flashes of Hope, a nonprofit program for patients with life-threatening illnesses, at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg this month Area photographers volunteered their time. Aveda makeup artists and hairstylists helped the subjects get ready. Families received the photos for free. Above, photographer Bruce...

"Free Portraits Make Children And Their Families Smile" - Tampa Tribune

December 09, 2007  |  Posted by Steve Kornacki

Tracey Saylor was still savoring her husband's victory over cancer - he had finally beaten non-Hodgkin's lymphoma into remission - when she learned the cause of the bulge on her daughter's nose and cheek."A rare, one-in-a-million" cancer, she says. "We'd just gotten over cancer with her dad … It's been...

A trip to the hospital was never this glamorous - Tampa Bay WTSP News Channel 10

December 04, 2007  |  Posted by David Leonard

Primping, pampering and painting on lipstick...Katie Saylor and her mother Tracie don't usually get a make over while waiting for lab results. Katie was diagnosed with cancer in October and has spent the last week at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. Today, photographers and stylists from "Flashes of Hope"...

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